1 real bride's unconventional bachelorette party

1. Tell us about YOU; who are you, where do you live and what do you do? 
Im Illie, Im a 29 year old health coach and CEO/Founder of a health and wellness website called Live Healthillie. I currently live in South Florida with Matt my husband and business partner!
2. When and where did you get married? 
We got married Sept 17th 2022 in Catskills NY, it's also where we got engaged. We both grew up in New York and have always loved the mountains and scenery of upstate New York. We had our ceremony on top of a hill overlooking the Catskills and our party in a refurbished barn called Stonewall Estate.
3. Tell us about your Bachelorette Party. Where did you go? Who did you go with? 
We actually went the unconventional route and had a joint bachelor party. My husband and I are best friends and we share the same friend group so it just made sense to do it this way. We gathered 16 of our closest friends and family and celebrated in Tulum Mexico for a 4 day weekend.
4. Did you have a theme, what was the vibe, how did you choose the aesthetic? 
The theme was neutrals! The boys and girls stayed in separate houses - it just made it easier for the girls to get ready freely and the boys to have their own time. The girls were able to wear any color that was brown, beige, sage, cream and even white if they chose.
5. What did you wear? (we want all the details)
The first girls day excursion was to a beach club called Nomad and I wore an old cream one piece I bought a couple years ago from ASOS, it had these cute sheer shoulder bows that was giving bridal vibes and I styled it with custom "Mrs. Balaj" sunnies from Etsy and a "Wifey" straw for my mocktails. Later that night we had our first outting where I wore a mini ruffle dress by Club London & paired it with my Gigi & Olive Heart Veil. It was truly the perfect touch to my bridal outfits and my "wifey" clutch from Revolve. Day 3 was a joint Yacht day and I wore a ruffle one piece from ASOS and my Gigi & Olive dad hat that said "Happy Wife, Happy Life" - I still wear this hat all the time. Night 3 outfit was my most glam night and I wore an Oh Polly embellished 2 piece and again paired it with my Gigi & Olive Heart Veil. This was my favorite outfit all weekend and really gave me those bride vibes. The final day I wore a beaded white one piece and cover up from White Fox Boutique while we partied at Selina Day Club and finally at night we danced the night away at Gitano and I wore a disco inspired dress from Meshki.
6. How involved were you in the organisation? (Type A Bride or did you let your MOH take charge?)
I was a very type A bride, I made a complete itinerary for everything we will be doing all weekend. It was a rough itinerary but everyone liked knowing what restaurants and beaches we'd be going to so they knew what to expect, vibe and budget wise. I had 2 maids of honor and they decorated the house and my room for me which was so sweet.
7. What was your most expensive purchase? Was it worth it?  
I really didn't splurge much on clothing wise, I think the most we splurged on what the actual vacation which was a lot of us and I am so happy we did just because it was so much fun and so many memories were made all together.

8. What was your best budget purchase? 
One thing I'm happy I saved money on was doing too many bridal themed items that I wouldn't end up wearing again. I made sure any gifts I gave were things that my girls can use over and over again and the items I bought like my Heart Veil, hat and clutch were just the right amount to spend.
9. Did you do anything special for your group that you would recommend to other brides?
I gifted each of my girls a custom beach bag with a sarong and products from my website that were all non-tox like sunscreen, a hangover drink powder, hydration packets, and a card to just say thank you! I think giving them something they will use even if it's not customized is thoughtful in general, especially when they are spending time and money to celebrate you - it's a kind gesture. 
10. Anything you would change? 
I would honestly change nothing! Making it joint was the best decision and I hope more people consider it.

11. What are your 3 top tips to other brides planning their Bach?
My 3 top tips for brides planning their bachelorette is 1. put yourself in your guests shoes and plan a trip that's fun for everyone 2. get organized, you don't have to be a type A bride and make a 10 page itinerary like i did but at least knowing the main sights you want to see and things you want to do on certain days really helps things go smoothly. 3. Don't go crazy about all the tiny details, if you have a fun group of people - it'll be fun regardless.

12. What are 3 things from G&O on your Wishlist? 
3 things from Gigi & Olive on my wishlist as of now are: The personalised playing cards, I think its such a sweet thing to bring on future vacations with you and your partner or just date nights 2. any of the lingerie, you can NEVER go wrong with cute lingerie. & 3. Love Tokens i think this is the perfect little gift to keep the spark alive during all stages of your relationship.
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