Bridal Beauty Tips with BEAUTY DIRECTOR Annie Vischer

Presenting the brilliant mind behind "Words On A Wedding" podcast and a renowned beauty journalist, Annie Vischer. With her profound knowledge in the world of beauty and her captivating presence as a podcast host, Annie has become a leading authority on all things bridal glamour. Through her expertise, she delves into the dos and don'ts, as well as the essential must-haves for every bride-to-be, making her an invaluable resource for those seeking to shine on their special day. 
1. What are your 3 top beauty tips for any bride-to-be getting ready for their wedding?
First, go for hair and make-up looks that make you feel great, don’t succumb to any pressure to alter your go-to style for your wedding day. For instance, if you always wear your hair down day-to-day and it’s a look that makes you feel confident, why risk feeling less like yourself on one of the biggest days of your life for the sake of a polished updo? Likewise if a sleek bun is just ‘you’, don’t let anyone tell you that you should be styling in loose mermaid waves instead. The golden rule when it comes to wedding hair and make-up is, you do you. 

 Secondly, never underestimate the power of scent. I always knew that scent would be a huge part of my wedding day. I decked out the church with clusters of Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir candles (the ushers were in charge of lighting them) and I was hit by a wall of it as soon as I took my first steps down the aisle. Whenever I get a hit of Pomegranate Noir now, I’m transported right back to that moment and get a rush of excitement. As for my perfume, I wore Bamford’s Wild Meadow Eau de Parfum the day before my wedding, Jo Malone London’s Honeysuckle and Davana layered with Wild Bluebell on the day itself and Chanel’s Les Eaux de Chanel Paris the day after. Each one of those scents is now tied to a special part of my wedding weekend, and can lift my mood in a matter of spritzes. 

 Finally a practical one. When you’re coordinating the beauty prep on the morning of your wedding, ensure any steaming of bridesmaid dresses, the wedding dress and veil, happens well away from any hair and make-up preparations. The steam causes humidity levels in the room to peak, a nightmare when it comes to hair and make-up.
2. What would be the no-gos?
Making any big changes to your skincare routine less than six weeks before your wedding. Consistency is key and this is not the time to be experimenting. Stick to products and treatments that have already proved their mettle when it comes to your skin, that way you swerve any unpredictable reactions – read: redness, breakouts, dryness, sensitivity, you name it. Veering into unchartered skincare territory less than a month and a half away from your big day is risky and best avoided.
3. Are there any pre-wedding treatments you would recommend?
One treatment that comes up time and time again when I talk beauty with a guest on Words On A Wedding is the one and only Hydrafacial. It’s a non-invasive facial that uses a device – a wand shaped vacuum – to deeply cleanse skin, extract and finally saturate the skin’s surface with moisturising ingredients. Hydrafacials are available up and down the country – there’s a flagship studio in London – and often get incorporated into a salon’s signature facial. I booked in for a series of bespoke facials at Nuriss, a specialist skin clinic in London. Nuriss incorporated this Hydrafacial tech into a comprehensive facial tailored to my skin’s needs.
I’m also a huge fan of FaceGym. The brand continue to expand so expect to see more studios popping up in the UK. They specialise in skin sculpting and between exceptional face massage techniques and the brand’s microcurrent devices, appointments manage to de-puff, firm and illuminate in one go. Every facial on their menu delivers instant results.
4. What do you think about fake tan before a wedding? Is there one brand that stands out to you?
If you’re a regular self-tanner and the whole process is a known quantity, you shouldn’t have any trouble. If you rarely do it but are set on self-tanning before your wedding, opt for a spray tan (it’s a sure-fire way to avoid streaks if you’re a novice) and  get a few trials in before your wedding day. Book in for a spray tan a few months out and if you love it, get another booking in ahead of your hen do to make doubly sure. Two spray tan appointments in and you’ll have hopefully locked down a brand you like, a professional you trust and a timeframe, for example whether you want your pre-wedding spray tan to come into play two weeks ahead of your wedding or two days. On the day it’s all about minimising any risk of your tan staining your dress. Dust talcum powder across any areas of skin that sit closest to your dress, particularly any areas that are prone to sweat. This minimises any risk of transfer.
5. You recently got married, how did you prep?
How didn’t I prep?! I’ve mentioned that I booked in for a series of bespoke facials at Nuriss Skin Clinic, London, in the months leading up to the big day. These boosted my glow no end. I also got my teeth whitened with Dr Rhona Eskander at the Chelsea Dental Clinique. She scanned my teeth digitally and used this tech to me my own close fitting mouth guards. I used these alongside a Boutique By Day teeth whitening kit at home. As for my nails, I love gels and Shellac but I’m a picker and can rarely be relied upon to remove the manicure in-salon before I get another one. This time, though, I was adamant that I was going to do things right to minimise any damage to my nails before the wedding. I visited Townhouse regularly for cyclical removals and manicures, before nail artist to the stars Iram Shelton painted on my bridal manicure – a pale pink base, and pearly white micro French tips.
6. Name 5 beauty products you used in the lead up to your wedding.
Bare by Vogue Williams Face Tanning Mist
Dermatica Azelaic Acid, £19.99 – I can get the odd breakout when my hormones fluctuate and I applied this cream daily to ward them off. Azelaic acid limits the activity of acne causing bacteria and tempers inflammation.
Decree Peptide Emollient Veil, £115 – My favourite moisturiser. The brainchild of skin specialist Dr Anita Sturnham, it’s brimming with moisture magnets hyaluronic acid and squalene. It hydrates my skin and keeps it subtle, without overwhelming it with actives.
111Skin Cryo De-Puffing Facial Masks, £95 for 5 – My favourite sheet masks, hands down. This particular one is a favourite of Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham too and if it’s good enough for them…
Chanel Le Manicure de Chanel L’Huile Camelia, £28 – Iram made sure that I applied a good cuticle oil (this one became a handbag staple) daily to boost my nail strength and condition in the lead-up to my wedding.
Bare by Vogue Williams Face Tanning Mist, £17 – I’m religious when it comes to using high factor face SPF, which means by the end of summer – my wedding was mid-September – needed a self-tan for my face. My skin is sensitive and this is one of the only ones that never causes a reaction. I pump three sprays into the cap and use a foundation brush to apply it.
7. What luxury treatment was a non-negotiable for you as a bride-to-be?
Lash extensions, hands down. I’m an Edy London devotee – she’s the lash expert to know in London. Edy is the only lash technician I have ever trusted enough to give zero instructions. I visit her at Beauty Club London (behind Urban Outfitters, just off Oxford Streeet), hop onto her couch and close my eyes as she works her magic. She gets it right every time and that’s down to her expert eye. Results look natural, full and fluffy. She’s a go-to for the likes of Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding and Trinny Woodall.
8. What was your best budget beauty purchase when it came to your bridal beauty prep?
A dry body brush, you can pick them up for a couple of pounds on Amazon. I’m prone to water retention and the lymphatic drainage benefits of dry body brushing for a few minutes every day are impressive. More than anything, it made me feel good, it made me feel energised. I set aside a few minutes a day to dry brush before I showered – I grew up riding horses and it feels very much like body brushing one once you get going. It’s also a great way to gently exfoliate and boost your circulation too. I’ve been hooked ever since.
9. Is there any make-up brand that you think works particularly well when it comes to wedding day make-up?
Make-up is such a personal thing, so what will work best for you on your big day, very much depends on what you love to use and how you like to wear your make-up. This is why, if you’re heading to your make-up trial, it’s always a good idea to bring your favourite make-up with you to show your chosen make-up artist and to arrive wearing a look you’d apply before grabbing dinner with your best friends. That way, your make-up artist will get a good idea of the shades and products you love and what sort of make-up look makes you feel great.
As for the brands I see cropping up most often in bridal make-up artists’ kits, they would have to be Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury and Dior’s Backstage range – all line-ups that are renowned for being able to deliver a healthy glow in a matter of products.
10. Looking back what one on-the-big-day beauty product did you swear by?

My Makeup Forever Artist Colour Pencil, £21, in Anywhere Caffeine (I use it as a lip liner) and Dior Backstage Lip Glow Lip Balm in 001 Pink, £32. These are the only products I reapplied throughout the day. As long as my lips looked fresh, I felt ‘done’.
Written by Annie Vischer, a beauty journalist and the host of the wedding podcast "Words On A Wedding".