Haley Haskins' Bachelorette Embracing Vegas Vibes!

1. Tell us about YOU; who are you, where do you live and what do you do? 
My name is Haley Haskins. I work in Springfield, Illinois as a CPA at a public accounting firm. I'm also a part time radio personality on 99.7 the mix. Another fun fact is that I have a chinchilla who placed 9th in this year's world wide Cadbury Bunny commercial competition.
2. When and where do you get married? 
I'm getting married on January 6, 2024 at the La Playa Beach and Golf Resort in Naples, Florida.
3. Tell us about your Bachelorette Party. Where did you go? Who did you go with? 
My bachelorette was over Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas! I went with 9 other girls, who were made up of friends from highschool and friends from college.
4. Did you have a theme, what was the vibe, how did you choose the aesthetic? 
The theme for the bachelorette was Lucky in Love! With the vibe being Nostalgic Vegas. Each activity dove deeper into the theme: the Magic Mike show was Elvis themed, pole dancing was Burlesque themed, dinner for the second night was What Happens in Vegas themed, club hopping was Lady Gaga's Poker Face themed, and the pool party day was Bond Girl themed. I wanted the overall vibe and themes to coincide with the stereotypical things people think about when they hear the word Vegas.
5. What did you wear? (we want all the details)
For the Elvis theme I wore a sequined white jumpsuit from Nadine Marabi. Burlesque theme: poppy colored leggings with a white tank top that said Vegas Wedding Chapel in pink from Reformation; What Happens in Vegas theme: a short white strapless dress from Little White Dress, white white feathered opera gloves and a feathered veil from Gigi and Olive :) ; Poker Face theme: a white skirt with a rhinestone slit from 12th Tribe, a silver glittered bralette from BabyBoo, and a feathered long-sleeve rhinestone top from White Fox Boutique; Bond Girl theme: a white one piece from AltSwim with the writing "Mrs. C" stitched in the hip and a white see through coverup from Amazon. And my white travel sweats for the plane were from Artizia.
6. How involved were you in the organisation? (Type A Bride or did you let your MOH take charge?)
I'm an extremely type A bride so I was very involved in the planning process of the bachelorette. I did try to let my MOH have some involvement without my micromanaging, so her main task was seeking out a promoter to use and being the main point of contact for the pool party and the club hopping.
7. What was your most expensive purchase? Was it worth it?  
My most expensive purchase on the bachelorette was the bottle service table for the pool party day. It was definitely worth it! Marshmello was the DJ for the day at the Encore Beach Club and the area we had our table at was shielded from the torrential downpour that occurred that day. Plus I got to go on stage with Marshmello!!
8. What was your best budget purchase? 
My best budget purchase was the dupe of the Mach&Mach crystal bow shoes from Steve Madden! They were hundreds of dollars less and just as cute!! They were also very comfortable, but I don't recommend wearing them for a full day haha.
9. Did you do anything special for your group that you would recommend to other brides?
I paid for all of the activities that we did as a group including the bottle service table at the pool. Obviously not everyone has the budget to do this for their group, but I wanted to treat my girls and I wanted to be able to do all the activities I dreamed of without adding any financial pressure to my group. So if you have the budget to at least treat your girls to one activity that you're really excited about and would love everyone to participate in, I totally recommend it!
10. Anything you would change? 
The only thing I would change is to not have as many drinks as I did the day of the pool party haha. I ended up sleeping the rest of the day and we never got to do the pajama rom com movie night that I had planned for our last night together.
11. What are your 3 top tips to other brides planning their Bach?
 1. Do what you want, no matter anyone else's opinion. My MOH didn't feel comfortable going to the Magic Mike show which didn't bother me, but I still wanted to go. So she watched some romcoms in the hotel room and after the show we all came back, hung out, and played drinking games with her. No feelings were hurt, and I'm glad I didn't forgo the show just because one person felt uncomfortable with it. 
2. Budget!! There's a lot of expenses to plan for and sometimes unexpected one's arise, so add some cushion to the budget as well 

 3. Have fun!!! Focus on making the most of the moment and being in the present

12. What are 3 things from G&O on your Wishlist? 
1. White Feather Fan with Tassel or the Hand Painted Personalized Fan (I can't decide between the two!!) 
 2. Velvet Bow Place Settings in black from the Christmas collection 
 3. Minimergency Kits for my bridesmaids, MOG, MOB, and myself
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