How to write the Perfect Wedding Speech with Pinky Studio

Allow us to introduce you to Tally, a creative expert whose words skillfully weave an enchanting tapestry of emotions, creating unforgettable moments. With a remarkable talent for crafting extraordinary poems, Tally is a master of sentiment. Whether it's the heartfelt verses that bring tears to your eyes or the eloquent poems that leave your heart resonating. Join us as we explore Tally's captivating prose, where love and language blend in perfect harmony, setting the stage for weddings that will forever be engraved in memory.
1. Tell us about you and why you started Pinky Studio.
I have written poems for everyone I love and know, for every event for the past 20 years. Whether it was a hen, a 30th, a wedding, a birthday; friends would say, 'Tal, will you do one of your poems?!'. They'd always be so well-received but definitely something I saved for friends and special occasions! My husband Alex always used to say, 'I wish other people could hear how good these are!'. I didn't think much of it but in January this year my sister-in-law Tori (@tbalance_crystals) quite literally told me to 'just do it'. Start the Instagram, write poems for anyone, what did I have to lose? The imposter syndrome was REAL. I couldn't write poems for strangers, how ridiculous, what an idea! However, I told that voice to quieten down and took the bull by the horns and it turns out, I CAN and I AM actually really, really good at it! It’s such a personal, bespoke process and I am a real people person. I have formed such lovely relationships with my clients and just honestly enjoy every single moment of the process! 
2. What are your 3 top tips on writing and delivering a great speech?
Gosh, I'd probably say - try and be succinct and be heartfelt. Start the process making notes, bullet points and go from there. Stick to your cues / notes, going off on a tangent isn't always the best idea! Read it LOADS before you get up there, the more familiar and confident you feel reading it - the better!
3. What are the must-include subjects in the Groom’s speech?
I actually think the Groom's speech is the hardest, it's so many thank you's and often difficult to get right! The bride is a must to mention, of course! I'd strongly recommend a shout out to her MOH / Bridesmaids, this always goes down really well.
4. Anything the best man/men should or shouldn’t do?
I think too many 'private jokes' that only 10% of the wedding guests understand, unless really funny and easy to explain, are a no go. It's never good when you see people looking around at each other perplexed during a speech. Also really don't go too big on how 'Jack used to be a BIG shagger before he met Jill'. No one wants to hear that, honestly. Also, mention the bride! She's marrying your best mate, in an ideal world, you're gaining another bestie!
5. Best advice for a shy Bride wanting to say a few words?
Well, obviously I am biased but I'd say come to me! I'd say 99% of the brides who I've written poems for, who have said they are just going to 'give the poem as a present', change their minds when they hear it. Some of these brides on our initial calls swore blind they would absolutely never do a speech! It's the most amazing turnaround and just shows that when something is really good, it's hard not to want to share it with your whole wedding! Also, break the norm, traditionally it's lots of men talking, the bride talking is SO great and a poem really stands out. Do it!
6.  Why a poem and not a speech?
I would say that the poem is totally unique and will ALWAYS stand out because it's different. Why get lost as another speech when you could be a poem...! I must also say, for nervous public speakers, they're easier to deliver and practice. 
7. Are there any other moments in a wedding where a speech / reading / poem would work?
Yes, some weddings which are more than one day, someone might speak the night before or at the 'Day 2'. The reception is also a good one. I always suggest breaking the speeches up a little, so they don't get lost all together. I have recently written quite a few poems for the bride and groom's friends to do as a reading in the ceremony/service. Usually a bit about their story from a friend's perspective and some tips on love and marriage - these have been so lovely and so different from your average reading. I’m also doing lots of individual poems for every guest which sit on their table place which is really fun and unique, it’s the best ice breaker! I recently did these for Jamie & Sophie and had such amazing feedback.
8. What is the thing you get asked the most?
'I've been asked to make a speech but feel really nervous, can you help me with a poem?!'. 
9.  Is grammar / spelling important?
For me, yes, but I make mistakes - don't we all! I wouldn't say it's the be all and end all if you're writing it yourself though no, as long as you can read what you've written and know what you mean that really is all that matters.
10.  Best advice you were ever given on speech writing?
I was told by someone very wise that I must not filter my true essence! Which is quite ridiculous as I am fairly outrageous but I guess you have to be bold and also enjoy the process of writing a speech. Keep coming back to the WHY, 'it's for someone I love', 'it's to commemorate something amazing'. It should feel fun, definitely don't get too bogged down by it or do it in one manic sitting. 
11.  Best advice on starting a business?
In a world where we are so encouraged to be extremely modest, sometimes, especially for women I believe, it is so important to believe your own hype and big yourself up a bit! And of course, if you don't try, you'll never know...

Written by the accomplished poet Tally Gilbert.