At Gigi & Olive we understand the importance of feeling your best at your Hen Party, that includes wearing items and accessories that you actually love! One of our 1st product we made at Gigi & Olive is our original Heart Trim Veil which has now been worn over the world by gorgeous women getting married.  From there we built a collection of pieces that we are incredibly proud of, and each item is handmade in our London studio. We created this collection with the ultimate cool Bride in mind, someone searching for something a bit different, chicer and classier than what was out there! However, they have become so much more and we love seeing Real Brides wear them for any of their Bridal celebrations, from a Bachelorette Party in Vegas, to a Civil Ceremony in London to dance floor in Australia. Each piece is uniquely designed and made just for you so if you're searching for the perfect Classy Hen Party Veil, or super fun Mini Veil for your Wedding or a different veil for your Wedding After Party look, we have got you covered. Shop the full collection here

Uniquely designed and made just for YOU! 
HANDMADE in our London studio.