October Edition 22

10 Top Tips for getting ready the morning of your wedding

The morning of your wedding you want to have all the BEST vibes! Here are our top 10 tips on achieving this.

  1. Don't have anyone in the room who stresses you out, you only want good energy and great vibes here.
  2. Make sure you have a fantasticΒ playlist and speakers that work.
  3. Have your dress hanging and steamed the night before so you don't have to do this in the morning.Β 
  4. Choose a lovely room that you feel happy and calm in, somewhere you will feel comfortable having photos taken of too.
  5. Wear something to get ready in that you do not have to pull over your hair / make up, ideally something that has buttons or a tie.
  6. Choose something that makes you feel amazing and if you're asking your bridesmaids to wear something matching or similar make sure it's something they feel fab in too. (Remember good energy!)
  7. Do not leave anything else 'to do' for this moment, you won't have time and rushing around will make you feel really un-present.
  8. Make sure you have a great food spread that you would want to eat - delegate this out to someone that will be with you such as yourΒ Maid of Honour.
  9. Have enough food/drink for your suppliers who are in the room with you (make-up artists /photographer etc) it's a very long day for them too.Β 
  10. Breath, enjoy, be present, it goes so quickly.Β 

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