About Us

Gigi & Olive launched in September 2019 as an answer for all things stylish Bridal gifting, offering a curated edit of bridal party gifts, based on the principles of sisterhood, friendship and kindness. Customers can buy a premium, personalised and stylish selection of products and presents for bridal occasions that last after the party.

Over the past year we have grown into other gifting areas; edible treats, pampering presents, clever gifting for your sister, mother, friend or colleague as well as a beautiful vacation edit.

Built on sisterhood, the name Gigi & Olive comes from founder Georgie and her sister Olivia. The mission is to offer beautiful items that people will keep rather than throw away gifting. We offer a refreshing and tailored platform for all celebratory occasions.

Gigi & Olive's own products are handmade in London by a local female production line. We aim to partner with female-founded brands and support emerging entrepreneurs. It's essential to us to work with like-minded brands whose products are ethically sourced, handcrafted and are made to keep.

"As more of my friends started to get engaged and married, they told me how difficult and time consuming it was, to source tasteful and thoughtful gifts for bridal occasions. I wanted to remove the sometimes negative stigma that surrounded 'hen parties' and create an exciting opportunity for friends to celebrate the preparations for marriage with chic and thoughtful merchandise. I detected resentment from women about spending money on items that were disposable and added little value. Gigi & Olive offers value with premium products and gifts that bring love and joy to celebrate the very best of friendship. Over the past year the growth into other areas of gifting for women has been exciting to explore and we hope The Magic of Gifting offers a refreshing and curated experience."